Hotel Artemis

Skala Prinos / Thassos

This charming and warmly directed family hotel is located on the romantic island Thassos in Greece. It is surrounded by the scents of the pine trees and the turquoise ocean.


The surroundings and landscape are breathtaking embossed by prospering nature. Let yourself be enchanted by the delightful island and the 

unforgettable sunsets.

Approach by plane: 


• Arrival in Kavala and connection by ferry

(approx. 30 minutes drive)

• Arrival in Thessaloniki


• Δωρεάν ασύρματη πρόσβαση στο internet

• Δωρεάν στάθμευση 

• Πισίνα 

• Beach bar

• Μπαρ εστιατόριο 

• Ξαπλώστρες και ομπρέλες στην πισίνα και την παραλία

• Καθημερινή καθαριότητα δωματίου

   ... και πολλά άλλα


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